Winding Instructions:

These instructions are general and apply mostly to the basic Date just models. The older, four digit model numbers operate with the same instructions, with the exception of the date quick-set feature."Quick-set" refers to the crown position that changes the date rapidly. This saves time by avoiding having to bring the minute hand around continuously.

Most Rolex models have a screw-down crown. It is very important to make sure after setting the watch, that the crown be screwed down completely to ensure proper pressure proof specifications.

As you unscrew the crown, you will feel it come free of the threads. This position is for winding the mainspring in the movement. Most automatic movement watch owners are not aware of the fact that if they put their watch down for two days or more without wearing it, they should wind it. This tightens the mainspring coil and, if worn every day, the movement should keep time and not have to be reset.

Pulling the crown out slightly to the second position on quick-set models allows the wearer to change the date rapidly. Slowly turn the crown forward to advance the wheel. Turning the crown backward has no effect. As a general rule, do not quick-set the date between the hours of midnight and 6 a . m. as this will strip the teeth off a setting wheel.

The final position, with th e crown pulled all the way out, is for setting the hands, which will operate forward or backward. At this point, the second hand will stop running until the crown is pushed back in. When setting a watch, pull the crown (gently please!) all the way out to the third position and set the hands first. Wherever the hands start, turn them clockwise until you pass midnight (the date will flip forward) so you will know that you are starting from the morning hours.

After your hands are set on the proper time, push the crown in slightly to set the date. Before screwing the crown bock down, when the crown has been pushed in to the first position, wind the crown approximately 25-30 times. It is impossible to over-wind an automatic movement, so if you lose count, don't panic, however do not force once tight. The crown is winding only when you turn it forward, however, traditional winding is back and forth which will not hurt the movement. As stated, these are general instructions only.