Maintenance service (every 2 years) Recommended by manufacturers

  • For mechanical and quartz watches, this service includes:
  • Cleaning of the case and metal bracelet
  • Changing all seals.
  • Checking water resistance.
  • Checking movement parameters and watch functions.
  • Changing the battery for quartz watches.

Complete service

For mechanical and quartz watches, this service includes:

  • Refurbishment (excludes models with black carbon surface treatments) of the case and metal bracelet.
  • Changing all seals.
  • Partial changing of hands and checking of water resistance.
  • Disassembly, cleaning and replacing of standard movement parts.
  • Assembly, lubrication, adjustment and setting of movement function parameters.
  • Changing the battery for quartz models.


  • Self winding/GMT /Seamaster/SeaProfessional
  • Chronograph
  • Chronograph - caliber
  • Chronograph with complications
  • Chronograph with perpetual calendar/split second - with estimate


  • Analog
  • Analog chronograph/analog digital
  • UTC - Co-pilot

Omega and Rolex Overhaul Description

Disassembly & Inspection:

  • The watch, band, and clasp are initially inspected for external signs of damage, excessive wear or other visible problems.
  • The case is opened and inspected for visible damage or wear.
  • The movement is removed from the case, disassembled for cleaning, and all parts are inspected as they are removed; gears, jewels, pinions, etc.


  • All parts of the movement, case, and band are put through a separate multi-step, proprietary cleaning process to remove all oils, corrosion, metal, dust or other contaminants.

Main Spring:

  • As parts of the movement are reassembled, a new, genuine mainspring is installed to insure proper operation of the watch.


  • During the assembly, the primary pivot points and jewels are of the movement are oiled by manufacturer recommended procedure.


  • If the movement is a Quartz, a new swiss made battery cell is installed.

Regulation, Initial:

  • The movement is then "regulated", meaning that its timing is measured using the most accurate and latest horological timing instruments.

Case & Band Cleaning:

  • After further inspection of the opened case, band, and clasp for wear, they are cleaned chemically and ultrasonically.

Case & Band Refinishing:

  • The metal surfaces of the band and case are polished and/or refinished to return the case and band to a "like new" original condition.

Case Tube:

  • A new genuine case tube is installed.

Spring Bars:

  • New genuine spring bars are installed in the watch band.


  • A new genuine crystal is installed in the watch band.


  • The movement, case and band are reassembled and inspected at each stage for fit precision.


  • A complete watch is subjected to final timing and pressure tests to insure the the accuracy and waterproofing of the watch are as good as when the watch was new.

Because of the skill and exacting care that our horologist puts into the complete overhaul, we are able to offer a 3 to 5 year warranty on this service.